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The Power of Free and Collaboration Beats for Music Producer in 2023

Why are Free or Collab Beats so Important for your Business?

We start with the collab beats because collaboration beats help you grow and reach a new target group since many artists have their regular producer they usually don't look for new producers anymore, because they have already built up a kind of trust basis with him and already had a smooth sale process as a result, many rappers stick with their favorites.

But if you now collabs with all producers you also awaken Interest to his customer base I have met many artists through collabs and they have even become real regular customers the second positive effects that you spread your music very far like a scrap gun into the world and thus you become more well known if you sell the beats even in the shop as collabo beat you can make 50/50 and you get everyone faster to money and to a sale as the chance is therefore greater that your beat is sold on the respective platforms So it only has advantages when you start collabs but you don't know how and with whom you can make a collabo?

This is quite simply different from artists are producers much more open ask just after hey I like your music you lust to start with me a collabo. most people say yes and you just send a few loops to or come on which and you can start the journey. by the way, this also works with loop or sample kits are looking for someone with whom you want to create a cool drumkit what you then sell. as I said, please always keep in mind that you are a musician and not just a beat Factory.

Free beats

Probably the most stupid topic when I started producing music I was one of the first of the only free beats uploaded to YouTube. most were too bad for it nowadays the free beat categories are full and you can hardly find it in there anymore. this is that I used to use my free beats wrongly and didn't give me any added value. heutzutage weiss ich aber das es wichtig ist wenn du freebeats rausgibst dann mit bestimmten strategien. Don't make the mistake and smear all your beats for free out that will only frustrate your followers later on as they are used to getting free beats from you and believe me these are my own experiences that they de-subscribe to you or have you just because you are now claiming money for it. always start with praise and give free bats from time to time on certain occasions or strategies out.

Strategy 1

Free beats for more clicks and new followers you can every now and then 1x the week or 1x a month bring out a free beat to give the people who follow you as thanks to what has to be said that your followers are becoming more and more faithful to you and that you can get even more clicks and reach new viewers. the advantage is that people often look in at you when they know that every Sunday a free beat comes out with you on the canal.

Strategy 2

Free beats only for non-commercial purposes you can say your beats are always for free (with or without voice tag that's with you) for non-commercial purposes so if, for example, someone wants to use your beat for a video background which they don't monetize or for a rapper who is not yet sure and wants to rap on the beat first to see if the track is well received I have had it many times that someone has downloaded a free beat of me for free and then months later bought him from me because he now wants to make money with it and want to use the beat without voice tag in better quality

Strategy 3

Free beats for email marketing and this is one of my favorite strategies offer your beats for free but in return you get an email from the visitor you can even raise that really big with a free beat packet to attract new interested parties Find out your best beats and offer for profit use as mp3 depending on what your mp3 licenses allow in the shop. then create a newsletter where I sign up the people and leave their email the advantage of being that you can collect emails these emails are potential customers and a better method to get emails from rappers there is not another advantage is that you can build such a large and right regular customer circle and above all are more independent of the marketplace of many beat stores as well as the social media channels.

You want to know more about the topic beats sell with email marketing then check out our last guide in which it will explain everything you need to get your beat business to the next level. u can find our last guide here:

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You can do lots of things to get more traffic it doesn't always have to happen a miracle take your business yourself in the hand connect yourself with lots of people have fun and you will notice the more you deal with strategies and work together will grow your business and you can sit back and make your music :) we hope you have the post a little more opened the eyes and steered you a little bit in a different direction there are so many beat producers out there you are not alone so let's go!!



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